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Time line project

Transnational research on Roma housing
The research analyses housing policies for Roma in France, Italy, Romania, Hungary, and Spain, aiming at the fulfilment of 4 knowledge objectives:

  • explicit policy targeting Roma living in slums, shanty-towns and inadequate houses;
  • anti-discrimination devices for helping Roma accessing homeownership or tenancy;
  • forms of social support to manage conflicts and help very vulnerable Roma individuals and families to integrate their neighborhood and reduce the risk of housing instability;
  • programs and projects aiming to improve the access to loans and credits in the formal bank system.

Mutual learning on Roma housing and empowerment
The contents of the analysis and information gathering are:

  • best practices and successful projects of Roma housing and improved living conditions;
  • positive experiences of Roma inclusion in the neighbourhood;
  • positive experiences of Roma participation into political, civil and cultural life, also through Roma associations, where existing
  • key factors favouring or hampering Roma active citizenship and social and civil involvement into their community

The analysis of remarkable practices and projects will result in recommendations at local, national, and European level.
Visits are carried out to significant projects and institutions.

Empowerment of Roma people for participation and defense of rights
Empowerment activities are specifically aimed at involving Roma people and promoting their participation in society underlying the importance to be part of it, also to be able to defend their rights.
Given the importance of empowerment and participation, R-HOME pursues two objective: providing groups of Roma with the opportunity to know their rights, focusing on the rights to housing and related services they can access; raising awareness about the importance of participation in society.
Short videos are produced to present success and positive stories of Roma people as regard to housing.
25 informative meetings addressed to Roma participants focus on housing (rights, legal framework, housing services and how to access them, public and private support measures) and empowerment (why associations and interest groups are important to impact on the enforcement of rights and to participate in civil and political life more effectively; how to establishes association; how to work together toward a common goal).

Awareness raising
Housing and social inclusion are complex issues since they concern both housing policies and citizens’ attitude towards Roma. That is why public authorities and the whole citizenship are target of awareness raising activities.
20 awareness raising and information seminars addressed to students, social workers of public and private services and volunteers, presenting practical issues and legal and bureaucratic practices to ensure Roma rights related to housing.
Four local events and a transnational conference disseminate project results, outputs and outcomes.

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Co-funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020)

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