Mutual learning on Roma housing and participation

The aim of this booklet is to provide a summary on lessons learnt from some selected housing practices that are targeting the Roma directly or indirectly in some selected areas of France, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Spain, within the project R-HOME.

The booklet is based on 14 practices and aims to present relevant and remarkable practices and successful projects of Roma housing and improved living conditions with positive experiences of Roma integration in the neighbourhood and of Roma participation in political, civil and cultural life, also through Roma associations, by highlighting the key factors favouring or hampering Roma active citizenship and social and civil involvement in their community. Furthermore, the project aims to identify comprehensive programs that cover not only housing, but more areas of integration as the vulnerability and poverty cycle of the Roma is reinforced by the complex interaction between disadvantageous and discriminatory situations in employment, education, access to health and public services, and can be influenced by both empowerment and antidiscrimination program elements.

Download the booklet here: