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Projects and institutions in the Paris region

Agence Immobilière Sociale Caritas

A non-profit real estate agency founded by Sécours Catholique, a well-known and rooted non-profit organization in France.

Sector: Private
Main Areas Covered: Housing
Target Group: Vulnerable people facing housing problems
Stakeholders: Municipalities, private foundations, private insurance companies, private house owners

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DIHAL Délégation Interministérielle à l’Hébergement et à l’Accès au Logement (Inter-Ministerial Office for Shelter and Access to Housing)

Presentation of the Inter-Ministerial Office for Shelter and Access to Housing, of the new comprehensive policy framework of the French Government to reduce, and eventually end, slums and of policy implementation at national and local level, including the mapping of local territories’ data and projects in real time shared by all the involved actors (public sector, third sector, prefectures).

Sector: Public
Main Areas Covered: Slums
Target Group: Vulnerable people living in slums
Stakeholders: Municipalities, NGOs

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Médiathèque Matéo Maximoff

The mediatheque library “Matéo Maximoff” aims at promoting Roma culture and empowerment, fighting against anti-gypsyism and improving housing policy evaluation. It is a resource center that also fosters contacts and ties among stakeholders.

Sector: Private
Main Areas Covered: Roma culture and fight against discrimination
Target Group: Citizens
Stakeholders: Cultural associations, universities, media libraries

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Collectif National Droits de l’Homme RomEurope

The network RomEurope involves 46 members, bringing together associations dealing with Roma operating at national or local level, both formal and informal. Besides advocacy and fighting against racism and discrimination, the network promotes mutual learning among members and the exchange of best practices and provides training and tools for specific issues.

Sector: Private
Main Areas Covered: Roma issues, advocacy
Target Group: Roma people, public institutions
Stakeholders: Roma associations at local and national level, NGOs active in the field of housing inclusion

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